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I help individuals learn and apply healthy relationship skills which are grounded in instincts and natural principles, enabling them to build strong, supportive, and loving connections in all their relationships.

It’s been scientifically proven again and again: the number one key element common to happy people is the quality of their relationships. Happy people live longer, are more productive, and are more inclined to improve the lives of those around them.

Yet most of us were never formally taught the skills to have quality relationships. Most of us learn about relationships by what we heard, what we saw, and what we experienced in our own upbringings.

Like any other important area in life, relationships are a learnable skill.

The Natural Relationship™ Method teaches success with people based on the way communication occurs and relationships are formed in the natural world – hence the term, “natural relationships.”

Faith Deeter has spent years studying communication patterns: how bonds are developed, how leadership is established, and how conflicts are solved, naturally.

This method is effective in all areas including couples, parenting, workplace, and with the world at large because it comes from an understanding of psychology AND biology which applies to everyone.

"The secret to having happy, healthy, long-lasting relationships is in understanding that your relationships are governed by natural principles because you are governed by natural principles and so is everyone else."

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Your Relationships Matter

My mission is to help you in having happy, healthy  relationships that last. Understanding Natural Principles can help you interpret, strengthen, and repair the important relationships in your life. Natural Principles are universal because they are based on the psychology,  biology, and science of natural laws.

Natural Principles™ Theory

There are patterns in the way living things relate to one another and these factors govern the way human beings behave. 

By understanding what is natural for a person, you can interpret, strengthen, and/or repair the important relationships in your life. If you don't understand what is natural, you will be more likely to make mistakes.

Understanding natural principles is like having a secret map that, unfortunately, most people aren't trained to read. Once you can read the map, you will begin to see straight-forward solutions that become obvious. Natural Principles are universal and apply to all people at all times. 

These are tools you can use immediately. Most people see changes happen quite quickly that deepen over time. When you decide you're ready, we're here to help.




Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
☑ Best Selling Author
Certified Transformational Trainer

Faith Deeter, MFT is a relationship strategist and teacher. Since 1994, she has been helping people to improve their lives. 

In 2003, Faith began one of the first equine-facilitated therapy programs in California and learned that the same tools that create partnerships between humans and animals can also be used to create healthy relationships between people.

Faith has used Natural Principles™ while facilitating workshops for teens across America, as a coach for Peak Potentials, in offering continuing education to Law Enforcement, and in  teaching inmates in a federal prison. She has been a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and a presenter at The World Horse Expo through the University of Maryland.

Faith gives people the tools they need to succeed in their relationships at home, at work and everywhere.

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Faith Deeter, MFT

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 "Faith Deeter is a clear expert in the relationship space. Her extensive experience delivering seminars across the country reflects in her elegant teaching style. I would recommend her as an instructor to anyone who wants to experience relationships in a deeper way!"

Andy Hough
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 "Each week was something new that had me see things getting better from that day forward. I learned tools I can use for the rest of my life."

Vasi Seidman
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 "When I first started this course, I was skeptical but I can honestly say it was very informative and eye-opening. For the woman who knows everything- I learned so much!" 

Lisa G
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 "I can't even explain the impact this course has made on my life and the difference it has made from basic people skills to my relationships with the people I love and care about." 

Gail Valentin
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