Overcoming Adversities in Relationships: guest Faith Deeter, MFT

Love Relations: guest Faith Deeter, MFT

Relationship expert, Faith Deeter,MFT., shares how to keep love alive year round with solid advice for all types of relationships to thrive!

HOW TO STOP FIGHTING is a powerful episode with Faith Deeter, a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and transformational trainer. Faith specializes in the areas of personal development and relationships with an emphasis on using principles found in nature to help people create change. We talked about how to make any relationship work or repair it with tools that are available to us. Through counseling, transformational works, books and more... we all have the power to transform ourselves and our relationships. Faith is a committed listener, a giver at heart - she used to lead workshops to inmates at the Lompoc prison. Listen in on our wonderful conversation and hear for yourself... maybe you're ready to stop fighting in your relationships, maybe you're ready to transform your marriage or your family!