How To Solve Conflicts Quickly And Easily Without Fighting, Screaming,
Or Giving Up

Is This Course For You?

  • Do you find yourself arguing about the same things over and over again?
  • Do you tend to have your worst fights with the people you care about the most?
  • Do you feel like you get ‘taken out’ of the conversation without being heard? 
  •  Do you have the same complaints and feel like you’re getting nowhere? 
  • Do you wish things could be better but you don’t know how to get there?  
  • Are you tired of fighting and on the brink of giving up?

It doesn't have to be that way.  


Conflict is about change and when people fight, they are tying to get someone or something to change.

Arguments tend to follow instinctive patterns that are invisible to most people. Whether interacting with your spouse, your kids, your boss, or your friends, these patterns can show up. This is why the moment people attempt to make things better,  sometimes they just get worse.  

Here’s Why
Communication that begins consciously can quickly turn unconscious because reactive patterns are hard-wired into our instincts.

People rarely know they are in the pattern because the fight/flight/freeze response tends to be an unconscious process that shows up under stress. Once you know the pattern, you can never 'not know it' again. As soon as you can see it, you can change it - even by yourself!

Because conflict follows patterns, there are signs to read. Once you can read the signs, communication that was unpredictable is suddenly predictable. There is a path through the chaos and a method to the madness.

 Learn the system that defeats the negative conflict pattern.  Learn how to make your conflicts stop! The skills learned can be used by one person to create change in the relationship.

You Will Learn:

  • What causes conflict.
  • How to read the warning signs that conflict is brewing so you can interrupt the pattern and find solutions.
  • How to move through the issue in a way that is mutually beneficial.
  • How to curb your reactivity so you will be less likely to harm your relationships.
    • How to communicate when people blame, guilt, attack, avoid, or go silent – especially if this person happens to be you. 
    • How to be heard without losing your temper.        
    • How to stop conflict without walking away from the relationship.

And You Will Also Learn:

  • Conflict is nothing more than a relationship’s attempt to change.
  • Conflict has natural origins that can be understood.
  • Everyone has a defensive “gauntlet” and what it's natural purpose is.
  • Negative conflict indicates you are caught in the negative conflict pattern.
  • What starts most arguments and how to not accidentally start them.
    • A step by step process to get through conflict and have a better outcome.
  • Tools and strategies to interrupt the old pattern. 
  • Ground Rules for good outcomes.
  • A proven system to reach solutions.



  • You are seeking to solve domestic violence, active drug/alcohol addiction, or any other behaviors that may compromise your safety. Please seek therapy.

  • You are not willing to change any of your own behavior.

  • You are not willing to spend approximately 10 minutes a day doing the assignments. 

* This course is education and is not a replacement for therapy. Some issues such as active drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, etc. are beyond of scope of this course.




☑Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
☑ Best Selling Author
Certified Transformational Trainer

Faith Deeter, MFT is a relationship strategist and teacher. Since 1994, she has been helping people to improve their lives. 

In 2003, Faith began one of the first equine-facilitated therapy programs in California and learned that the same tools that create partnerships between humans and animals can also be used to create healthy relationships between people.

Faith has used Natural Principles™ while facilitating workshops for teens across America, as a coach for Peak Potentials, in offering continuing education to Law Enforcement, and in  teaching inmates in a federal prison. She has been a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and a presenter at The World Horse Expo through the University of Maryland.

Faith gives people the tools they need to succeed in their relationships at home, at work and everywhere.

In Your Corner,
Faith Deeter, MFT

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"It helped me to understand my own behavior as well as the behavior of someone I really care a lot about thank you for shining a searchlight on this crucial aspect of our communication with each other. This is incredible incredible information that  will change peoples lives!"

Anil Kumar
Hollywood Producer/Director

 "This course will change peoples lives in a very positive way. They will be happier. Initially, I did not think this was going to be a particularly exciting subject but it is. You provide simple tools that people can use to better get along with each other, especially with those they truly love "

Nancy Canter
United States

 "What struck me is that even though I have come far in revealing my own pattern, there is always something to learn by everything we encounter. From this book I will take with me that on my part, I do deliver some pretty nasty parting shots, when enough stressed by a sibling who does excel in the guilt trip. I have realized I must even harder strive to find common ground by asking more questions, and by being more clear in my validation of my sibling's feelings. Both of us will gain from such an approach."

V. Harrysson

 "WOW, So many times I wondered why arguments ended up descending into total disaster...Now I know! Faith understands and describes perfectly situations I have found myself in within relationships and she has helped me understand the dynamics of it all. They should teach this information in schools; it would save a lot of pain and unhappiness in our lives.  A very important contribution to successful relationships. Thank you!  I feel like I have been given a true gift!

Martin Murphy
United Kingdom

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